Heart Disease Prevention & Complex Lipid Disorder Management in Boca Raton, Florida

Our Mission: Prevent Heart Attacks, Strokes, Stents and Bypass Surgery

The Florida Resource for Diagnosing and Managing Complex Cholesterol Disorders

Meet Dr. Baum

Dr. Baum has a practice in Boca Raton, Florida that is devoted predominantly to Preventive Cardiology and Lipidology.

Preventive Cardiology Inc, (PCI) is one of the few practices in the nation that specializes in truly comprehensive cardiovascular prevention and complex lipid management.

Led by the past President of The American Society for Preventive Cardiology (ASPC), the practice uses cutting edge and scientifically validated modalities to identify vascular disease risk as well as “subclinical disease” even before it has caused symptoms. Advanced cholesterol and lipoprotein tests, forward-looking blood biomarkers, precise carotid artery wall examination, and the most advanced coronary artery scanner, in conjunction with a meticulous history and physical examination help us render accurate diagnoses and make open-minded, cutting edge clinical recommendations. We always aim to prevent a “first” cardiovascular event. If, however, a patient has already sustained a heart attack or required a stent for example, we do our very best to help him or her avoid ever experiencing another one.

When problems are identified, they are met with the caring use of detailed dietary and exercise advice, coupled with the appropriate use of pharmacologic therapies when indicated. Our strong conviction is that all decisions should be made after careful and comprehensive discussions between patient and doctor. Patient-centered medicine is unquestionably the PCI way.

For the management of the most complex lipid disorders, LDL apheresis can be employed. LDL apheresis is a blood cleansing technique available in about 50 centers in the nation. Dr. Baum runs one of the three Florida centers. He uses the FDA-approved Kaneka Liposorber® LA-15 for this procedure.

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